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Since childhood, we have certain dreams and we wish for them to come true as we grow up. One of the most common dreams which we probably all have is to own a car of our own. That is the first milestone of our life to purchase a car.

When you achieve this dream and buy your favorite car, then comes the next part, which is very crucial - the maintenance of the car. This part is very significant as it includes many aspects. One of the most important factors is the vehicle insurance . There are various car insurances in India which can be availed. However, while buying car insurance, one must do a detailed research and see which policy would be beneficial for you. For guidelines, here are five questions, which you ' must have on your checklist while buying car insurance.

  • What is the coverage offered by the car insurance?
    Different companies have different payment terms, which are offered when one buys a car insurance policy . A detailed research should be done and one must not rely just on recommendations of friends or advertisements. One must carefully decide the options and look out for the option, which is most convenient for you. Customer is the King and keeping this in mind, companies offer unbelievably easy payment schemes. You just need to look more keenly and avoid taking a hurried decision.
  • Are there any special discounts or deals on the car insurance policy?
    The world has been competitive like never before and you will benefit from it, if you take a wise decision. Most of the companies have special deals and discounts on the car insurance policies. Do not just pay the amount which the company asks. You can ask your agent for any special discount or deal which is there or which can be made available to you. The offers differ from company to company and hence you should try to avail the best offer available in the market.
  • Should add-on covers be added to the policy?
    Add-on cover means the additional covers which you get from the insurance company along with the car insurance policy. Many companies offer cover to passengers also with the policy, but it may come at a price, which may not be favorable for you. Do not forget to have a detailed discussion with your agent and look for the reputed insurance companies, which offer essential add-ons to the policy at a reasonable amount.
    If you ensure on these main five points, you will not have to worry about your car policy again. Be insured and assured before you spread your wings and zoom off for a long drive in your dream car with your loved ones.