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Find Out How Bike Insurance Works for You?

The difference between driving safe and driving secure

Your bike is your pride, a source of joy and your delightful getaway from the mundane life. Imagine if something untoward happens to your bike? Behind the wheels, you are a careful driver. However, your bike’s safety is not only in your hands. With us, you choose not only a reliable partner but a fast and secure experience for your bike.

Benefits of Buying bike Insurance Online

Quick turnaround time & total reliability of service makes this product ideal for you

Instant Policy
Get policy instantly with cashless/direct settlements

Customer service and claims registration with Helpline numbers

Renewal Reminder
Automated renewal reminder service

Accident Help
Get towing assistance (within city limits only) for accidents

Quick Surveys
Claims survey is quick

7 Days, All Done
Just 7 working days for claims finalisation

Bike Insurance Policy Features

  • Motor Add-ons

    You can now opt from a range of comprehensive additional covers on payment of a nominal premium. Come discover how much we take care of you. Be safe. Be assured. Know More

  • Roadside Assistance

    Stranded on the road or met with an accident? Why should such mishaps stop you? Our Roadside Assistance is at your service 24x7. Know More

  • Future Xpress & Xpress+

    A simplified process to offer you a more personalised service at the same time smooth and speedy claims settlement. Know More

Bike Insurance Coverages

  • Bike Damage

    In the event of ordinary losses/damages to your bike, regardless of who is at fault and where the accident took place, a wide variety of cases, from broken windows to theft or destruction is covered.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    A compulsory Personal Accident cover of Rs. 15 lakhs is available for individual owners of the bike while driving (Available only if the owner of the bike holds a valid driving license). You can also opt for a Personal Accident cover for passengers (Named or un-named) up to a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs per person.

  • Third Party Liability

    Any legal liability that you may incur due to the death of or bodily injury to a third party or damage to the property of a third party while using your bike, is covered. The policy also covers the legal expenses you might incur to defend this claim. This is a mandatory insurance coverage for your bike.

  • Additional Legal Liabilities

    The following additional legal liabilities may also be opted for at an additional premium -

    • Paid driver/conductor/cleaner employed in operation of the bike.
    • Employees travelling in/driving the bike other than paid driver.
    • Non-fare paying passengers.


Disclaimer For complete details of Policy coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer the policy wordings. Click here to view Policy Wordings.

How Can You Buy Bike Insurance Online

Buy your brand new Bike Insurance online or renew your existing policy from any insurance company in less than 10 minutes with us.

    Here are the steps to buying online:

  • Get an Online Quote

    It takes just a few minutes to generate your quote online.
    Get your Bike Insurance quote

  • Gather some basic information about your bike and create your profile

    a. Chassis Number
    b. Engine Number
    c. Registration number
    d. Make, model and year of manufacture of your bike
    e. Expiry date of your policy as on the policy copy in case you're renewing
    f. Applicable no claim bonus

  • Review your Coverage and Deductibles

    After reviewing your quote, you can make changes to your coverage if required.

  • Complete your purchase

    After you confirm to the premium to be paid and agree to the terms & conditions, select a payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking) and pay securely & conveniently in easy steps and you are done.

  • Download your policy

    You can download your policy schedule and print it out. A copy of the policy is also sent to the email address you have provided in your profile.


What happens next after you have purchased

When you become a Future Generali Customer,you will receive a policy kit containing the following:

  • Policy schedule

  • Premium receipt

  • Policy coverage and Terms & Conditions

  • Endorsement form-In case,you wish to make any changes to your policy document,fill in the service request form and submit it to the nearest branch.


Making a claim

At Future Generali,we will do everything to make your claim as simple and convenient.And here are few reasons why:

  • Our in-house claim settlement team processes your claims within 7 working days from the time we receive your claim intimation form along with required documentation.Find out more about how to make a claim or check out ourclaim process.

  • Cashless settlement in over 2500+ Future Generali convenient workshops.

  • Personalised service and enhanced touch points for smooth and speedy claim settlement using our Future Xpress & Future Xpress+ claim process.

  • In-house team of professionals who can give specialised advice.

Contact our Helpline

In case you wish to speak to our experts about your policy,you can call us on:




You ask.We answer.

Why do I need Bike Insurance policy,is it compulsory?
What is Own Damage and what is Third Party Liability?
Can the Owner of the bike also be insured under the same policy?
Can the paid driver of the bike also be insured under the same policy?
Can the occupants/passengers travelling in my bike be insured?
Can I transfer existing No Claim bonus on sale of my old bike to my new bike?
Will Future Generali settle all my claims directly?
Are there any deductions that I need to be aware during settlement of my claim?

Bonus and Discounts


No Claim Bonus

Did not make a claim during the policy period? When renewing the policy within 90 days of the expiry date, you will be offered a No Claim Bonus (NCB) with discounts up to 50%.


Transfer of NCB

You can transfer full benefits of No Claim Bonus when you shift your bike insurance policy to another Insurance company.


Voluntary Excess Discount

You have the choice of opting for a Voluntary Excess over and above the Compulsory Excess. This will entitle you to a discount according to the amount opted.



Automobile Association Membership

If you are a member of a recognized Automobile Association in India, get additional discounts.


Anti-theft Devices

If your bike has an ARAI approved anti-theft device fitted, get additional discounts.

Important Notice: The Motor Third Party Liability Premium has been revised from 1st April 2016. Click here to know more.

Disclaimer For complete details of Policy coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer the policy wordings of .
Click here to view Policy Wordings of Motor Secure and Motor Secure Add-on.

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