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What to do in case my car meets with an accident?
What if the accident takes place in a city other than where the policy was issued?
Are the accidental damages to my car covered under the policy?
What if I am having only an Act policy,would any losses or damages to my car be covered under the policy?
How do I get a claim form?
Where will the survey be carried out?
How soon will the surveyor reach for spot survey?
What if my car is not in a driving condition?
Where should I repair my car?
What if I want to use a workshop of my own choice?
How much time will be required to repair the car?
What is the effect of making a claim under my policy?
What should I do if my car is stolen?
What should I do if only windscreen of my car is damaged?
Are the accidental damages to my car covered if someone else was driving at the time of accident?
Is the Personal Accident cover applicable to any other person driving my car?

Document Checklist

The indicative list of documents required for each type of loss is mentioned below:

Own Damage claims

  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance cum Policy Schedule

  • Claim form

  • Copy of RC book

  • Copy of Driving License

  • Estimate

  • Final repair invoice and receipt / Satisfaction voucher for cashless payment

Third Party Claims

  • Claim form duly filled and signed

  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance cum Policy Schedule

  • Copy of Driving License of the driver at the relevant time of accident (with original for verification)

  • FIR / Police Panchnama

  • Court Notice / Summons

  • Copy of Registration Certificate and other vehicular documents (with originals for verification)

Theft Claims

  • Original Policy

  • Claim form

  • Original Registration certificate

  • FIR

  • Original set of keys

  • Original Sales invoice & Tax receipt

  • Intimation to RTO (to inform RTO that the car is stolen and not to transfer)

  • Transfer papers

  • Indemnity Bond

  • Subrogation letter

Disclaimer The list given is indicative in nature. Further additional documents may be called for depending on the nature of the claim.

Future Xpress & Future Xpress+ Claims

Motor Insurance claim process can sometimes become cumbersome, tiring and time consuming. At Future Generali, we recognise our customer’s needs and have simplified this process through Future Xpress and Future Xpress+.

Our claims services are more personalised with enhanced touch points for smooth and speedy motor claims settlement.

Future Xpress

Get your car repaired on priority at lower costs at Future Generali convenient workshops.

Future Xpress+

Get your damaged car checked to understand the loss and get on the spot settlement for your claim. The option to get your car repaired at a workshop of your choice and at a time convenient to you.

Your claims are simplified and settled on the spot with easy document verification at our convenient workshops or at our branches. This seamless service offerings provide convenience with significant savings in time and cost.

Disclaimer: The said services are available at select workshops / offices for claims with defined parameters only. For further details please get in touch with us on: 1800-220-233/1860-500-3333/022-67837800

Future Xpress

Key Features:

  • Your car is repaired on priority at lower cost

  • Dedicated service engineer at identified workshops

  • Your car will be directed to the listed workshop

  • Inspection at workshop, liability confirmed and repairs commenced on a priority basis

  • You will know your actual expenditure before repair starts

  • The workshop gets payment directly from us on delivery of your repaired car

  • Relatively lower expense for you as will enjoy discounted rates

  • Greater transparency & accountability

  • Initial survey/assessment time will be reduced

Future Xpress+

Key Features:

  • Understand the loss to your damaged car and finalise your claim on the spot

  • Dedicated service engineers at the service branch

  • Take your car with relevant documents to the nearest claims branch

  • Damage assessment conducted & settlement amount offered on spot

  • You will have an option to get your car repaired later at your preferred convenient time & workshop of your choice

  • Amount directly credited to your bank account through NEFT.

  • Instant claim settlement


  • Personalised service through prior appointment with service engineer

  • Spot survey

  • Spot/easy document verification

  • Greater transparency & accountability

  • Quick repairs & preferential treatment

  • Advance update of liability amount


  • Spot survey

  • Option to repair your car at your convenience and choice of workshop

  • Easy documentation

  • Smooth process

  • Flexibility to suit your needs