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Motor Add-ons

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  • Zero Depreciation

    Offers full claim without any depreciation on the value of parts replaced with an admissible claim under the Motor Comprehensive Package Policy.

  • Theft or Loss of Keys

    We reimburse you the cost to replace your Car keys and locks or locksmith charges,in case your car keys are lost or stolen.

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

    How prepared are you when it comes to loss of personal belongings like Laptops,Mobile Phones from your car?This cover offers much needed protection to your cherished belongings.

  • Tyre Damage

    However safe the tyres are,they are still prone to damages.This cover provides reimbursement for tyre bulge,puncture,bursting,cut or accidental damage. 

  • NCB Protection

    In this cover,your existing No Claim Bonus can be retained at the time of renewal,without getting impacted even if there is a claim under the policy.

  • Engine Protector

    Consequential losses or damages to crucial internal parts like engine or gear box due to ingression of water or leakage of lubricating oil due to accidental means are covered.

  • Return To Invoice

    If your car is declared as a total loss by us in the event of a claim under the policy,we will pay the financial shortfall between the amount you will receive from the insurance policy and the purchase price of the car,as confirmed in the invoice of sale.

  • Inconvenience Allowance

    Not having your vehicle can be inconvenient.Here is a cover that pays on a per day basis for the period when your vehicle is undergoing repairs on account of an accident.

DisclaimerThe above list is indicative and for further details on terms,conditions and exclusions please refer to thePolicy Wordings