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What is the use of the Wellness Card?
What if there is an error on my Wellness Card?
What is a Network Hospital? How do I know the hospital is on the network?
How does the Hospital verify that the cardholder is genuine?
What is a Preauthorization Request?
Where do I procure the Preauthorization Request from?
How to fill the Preauthorization form?
Where do I send the Preauthorization form?
What is an Authorization Letter?
Is the entire amount requested by hospital authorized by FGH?
How do I know whether my Claim has been approved for Cashless or not?
What are the circumstances under which a Request for Cashless Hospitalization shall be denied?
What are the norms for Intimation of Claims ?
Are there any norms related to the Hospital where treatment is sought which are mandatory for admissibility of claims?
Where do I send my claim documents?
What does FGH do with my claim documents?

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