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International or Overseas Travel insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance

Find out how this plan works for you

Wherever you go, we keep you protected

Wherever you go, we keep you protected. Our Travel Insurance plans takes care of any contingencies that might arise during your journey; like sudden illness, misplaced passport, lost luggage etc. So travel the world. Leave the worries to us.


Entry Age

18 years - 70 years for Individual & Multi-trip policies
18 years - 65 years for Asia Travel family floater plan only

6 months to 25 years

Senior Citizens
71 years - 80 years

Pre acceptance Medical Tests

Age - up to 70 years
Medical tests waived if there is no adverse health declaration on the proposal form.

Age- between 71 – 80 years
Medical tests required (For Worldwide Travel Select no medical test is required subject to clean proposal form)

Medical Report Validity
30 days from the day tests were conducted

What’s Covered

  • Coverage of Medical Expenses

    This plan takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling.

  • Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss

    Payment up to a specified maximum limit is given in case of loss of baggage. Also compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for emergency personal purchase due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas.

  • Loss of Passport

    Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate passport overseas.

  • Personal Accident

    Worldwide coverage against accidental death and permanent total disablement while you are anywhere in the world.

Exclusions of this plan

  • Pre-existing Diseases & Complications

    Policy does not cover pre-existing diseases & complications arising from them.

  • Routine Physical or Other Examination

    Routine physical or other examination where there are no objective indication of impairment of normal health and medical expenses beyond the expiry of the policy period.

  • Self Inflicted Injury or Illness

    Suicide, attempt to suicide or wilfully self inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder, anxiety, stress or depression, venereal disease.

  • Alcoholism, drunkenness, abuse of drugs, HIV, AIDS.

  • Pregnancy or Related Complications

    Pregnancy, resulting childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or complication arising out of any of the foregoing.

  • Loss or Damage to the Insured’s Passport

    Loss or damage to the insured’s passport as a result of the confiscation or detention by customs, police or any other authority.

  • Loss Not Reported & War Like Actions

    Loss which is not reported to the appropriate police authority within 24hrs of the discovery of loss are also not covered. War or war like actions.

Disclaimer The above exclusions are indicative in nature, for detailed exclusions please refer the policy wordings..

How can you buy this Policy?

Buy your Overseas Travel Insurance Plan Online

Be assured, no matter where you travel overseas with our Travel Insurance. You can buy your travel insurance policy in less than 2 mins.

    Here are the steps to buying online:

  • Get an online quote

    It takes just a few minutes to generate your quote online.
    a. Select your visa type
    b. Choose your coverage
    c. Your travel dates (Date of departure and date of return)
    Get your Travel Insurance quote

  • Fill in your proposal form

    Have some basic information ready before you fill in the proposal form.
    a. Passport Number

  • Review your Proposal

    Review your quote and verify you have provided correct information including your nominee name and the premium you need to pay.

  • Complete your purchase

    After your confirm your premium and agree to the terms & conditions, select a payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking) and pay securely & conveniently in easy steps and you’re done.

  • Download your Policy

    You can download your policy schedule and print it out. A copy of the policy is also sent to the email address you have provided during the time of registration.

Travel anywhere, anytime without any hassles with Future Generali’s Travel Insurance plan.
To buy Worldwide Travel Select, visit our nearest branch

What happens next after you have purchased

When you become a Future Generali Customer, you will receive a policy kit containing the following:

  • Policy Schedule

  • Premium Receipt

  • Policy coverage and Terms & Conditions

  • List of helpline numbers across the world in case of any medical emergency causing trip cancellation,reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation and more.

  • Claim form

    You can intimate your claim online or submit the form at your nearest branch or email it to us.

  • Complaint/feedback form

    Should you have any complaints/feedback,you can fill in the form and submit it at the nearest branch or email it to us.

  • Grievance Redressal

    Procedure along with list of ombudsman addresses.In case you are not satisfied with the resolution to your complaint provided by us, you may approach the Insurance Ombudsman for review.

Making a claim

At Future Generali,we will do everything to make your claim as simple and convenient.And here are few reasons why:

  • We have an expert outsourced team for providing you claim assistance anywhere in the world 24 X 7.Find out more about how to make a claim or check out our claim process

  • Expert team of professionals who can give specialised advice on Medical Consultation & Hospitalization,Medical Evacuation & Repatriation,Lost/Delayed Baggage Recovery Assistance and Assistance for Lost Travel Documents etc.

Contact our Helpline

In case you wish to speak to our experts about your policy, you can call us on:




You ask. We answer.

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Can a policy be issued once the travel has commenced?
Which plan can I avail for Multi Trips?
I am travelling to UK/ USA for 15 days on tourist Visa. I have Health Insurance with your company since last 5 years; why do I need separate Insurance to travel abroad?
I am a Business Traveller and travel often to West; do I need to take Insurance for every single visit?
I am travelling to UK on a Student Visa and have enrolled to 18 months management program; can I get a travel policy for entire period?
What is the minimum cover offered by Future Generali under Travel Insurance Plans?
Can I avail cashless mode of settlement for Medical expenses? Are there any deductions in Travel insurance claims?
Does Future Generali maintain network of service providers across the globe?
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Which plans are available as Annual Multi-trip policy?
Are there any sub-limits applicable in Travel Insurance plans?
Does Future Generali offer covers like Compassionate visit, and Child escort?
Can I extend my policy in case I extend my stay?
How do I get in touch with EUROP ASSISTANCE?

Top reasons why this plan is ideal for you


Global Protection

Complete protection when abroad with 24x7 toll - free assistance


Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage for medical expenses, baggage delay/loss, loss of passport and more.


Customised Plans

Specially designed plans for travel to Asian countries (excluding Korea and Japan) and European Countries on Schengen Visa.


Floater Benefits

We provide you floater benefits which means you can cover yourself and your family with a single sum insured - applicable only for Asia and Schengen travels.


Benefits for senior citizens

Specially designed plan for senior citizens (i.e. 71-80 years of age).


Worldwide Assistance

Worldwide Service Provider and Hospital Network.


24X7 Assistance

24X7 toll-free assistance when abroad.

Disclaimer For complete details of Policy coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer the policy wordings.
Click here to view Policy Wordings of Overseas Travel , Schengen Travel and Worldwide Travel Select.